In 2006, NEMO began adapting its shelter technology for elite U.S. Special Operations Forces and launched its Shield™ product line. In the years since, many elite Warfighters have depended on NEMO tents, shelters, sleeping gear, weapons bags, and other products to take full advantage of what limited comfort and protection can be found on the battlefield. NEMO is intensely proud to serve the American Warfighter and allied partners, and aims to design, engineer, and manufacture the best equipment solutions possible.

For much of the last decade, NEMO Shield™ has been engaged in research and development with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center and the U.S. Special Operations community. The focus has been on creating the next generation of cutting edge 1-2 person combat tents, specialized shelters for the arctic, and shelters for medical applications. Years of collaboration, testing, evaluation, and fielding of NEMO Shield™ products have culminated in forward thinking designs that reduce weight and cube, improve concealment, increase comfort and livability, and maximize operational flexibility and efficiency for the Warfighter.

The ALCS™ 1P SE, ALCS™ 2P SE, and CODA™ 1.5P SE are leading the industry in materials, technology and innovation while addressing the current and future needs of our Military and Government users. We have partnered with the leading domestic small shelter factory, Diamond Brand, and the leading fabric manufacturer, W.L. Gore & Associates, to provide the most advanced Berry Compliant all-weather combat tents on the market. Coupled with the NEMO Losi Combat 2P SE tent, these four shelter systems provide significant improvement over incumbent designs such as the USMC 2-Man Combat Tent, U.S. Army 3-Man Lightweight Extreme Weather Shelter, and the U.S. Army Universal Improved Combat Shelter.

NEMO’s AirSupported Technology® (AST®), a system of lightweight inflatable ribs with innovative pump technology, provides a high performance alternative to traditional tent poles. NEMO AST® shelters have remarkable properties that save time, minimize pack size, and provide remarkable strength. NEMO’s line of innovative shelters, sleeping pads and accessories continues to evolve as we take on new challenges and tackle unsolved equipment problems for the Warfighter. Products like our Cosmo™ SE series sleeping pads, watertight shoot-through FAS™ bags, and radio signal blocking EMFX™ phone pouches each provide groundbreaking levels of performance in transit, in the field and in action.