History 2008



NEMO pushed green thinking and sustainability to the top of the priority list and created the G.R.N.™ (Green Rethinking by NEMO) program. The company adopted Jenness Beach, a favorite local surf spot for company employees. At the Summer Market OR show in 2008, NEMO debuted the first nearly 100% recycled tent, tent poles made of bamboo and its Ditto™ line of upcycled products. The company also debuted the Tuo™ line of sleeping pads and the Fillo™ pillow, making significant innovations in new categories outside tents. Moki™ won Backpacker’s award for best all-around mountaineering tent and top honors from Rock & Ice. Overland Journal gave Morpho AR™ the Value Award. The company staff expanded to include dedicated positions for marketing, sales, customer service and graphic design. Design pervaded every level of the business; even the director of sales at the time had a degree in product design.

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