History 2006



Sales were expanded to include outdoor specialty shops across the country. Some of the original designs that debuted in 2004 continued their evolution, such as Morpho AR™, Tenshi™ and Gogo™. Many new models were also introduced as NEMO refined its skills in design, patternmaking and manufacturing. Investment allowed the company to assemble a top-notch team of designers and engineers, create a well-equipped lab for tent development and build relationships with the best textile and component companies in the industry. In the summer, NEMO was approached by an elite group of Navy SEALs who were impressed by how lightweight, fast and small packing Gogo™ was, especially considering its disproportionately spacious interior. After successful testing by Naval Special Warfare of NEMO’s tents in the remote wilderness of Alaska, NEMO developed the Tanto and Gogo SE™ (similar to Gogo EX™ and Gogo LE). That was the beginning of NEMO Shield™. With some of the company’s friends and family deployed overseas, the company was and always will be proud to do their part to keep service members safe and well equipped.

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